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Winter Garden and Pool Tips

During Winter, your garden generally goes to sleep. The cooler season in Melbourne is the perfect time of the year for you to get on top of some general pool and garden maintenance.

Top tips to keep your garden looking it’s best in Winter

• Pest Control:
Apply snail pellets to leafy/fleshy plants (such as Liriope, Arthropodiums etc) to keep away any snails and slugs. If you have pets, be sure to check the manufactures recommendations.

• Prepare your garden for new plantings:
To best prepare your garden for new planting, incorporate humus into the soil to help improve the soil profile and in turn assist with plant health.

• Remove any plants that may not be to your favour and replace them. This is the best time of year to plant.

In July, roses should be pruned back hard. Encourage 5-6 of the best leaders by cutting them back to within 150mm from the ground to a bud (be sure to double check the rose variety). Apply lime sulphur and dolomite. 

In August fertilizer with blood and bone with sulphate of potash.

Winter Garden Tips - Melbourne

The cooler months are also a great time to prune your plants. Each plant will need to be pruned differently, so be sure to chat to your professional maintenance company prior to the seasonal prune.

Esjay Landscapes + Pools

During late winter (generally the last week of August) apply a slow release fertiliser to your lawns. When the warm weather kicks in, the nutrients will be there for the lawn to take in a result in a lush green lawn you can enjoy throughout the warmer months.

• Irrigation:
If you have an automated irrigation system, adjust the zones accordingly.

Tips for maintaining your swimming pool in Winter

• Solar Heating:
For swimming pools which have solar heating, it’s important to know that most controllers have a Winter mode. Once temperatures in Melbourne regularly start dropping into the early 20s/high teens, it’s a great idea to switch your solar into Winter mode.

• Pool cleaning and filtration:
Cleaning and filtration times (both automated and manual) can be reduced during winter months, due to both low levels of bathing and low temperatures.

For all your garden maintenance needs in Melbourne, we recommend:

Pat Pezzimenti – Urban Horticulture Solutions: 0417 558 654

For all your pool maintenance needs in Melbourne, we recommend:

Ezio Ficorili – Absolute Pool Tech: 0411 741 495

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