Esjay Landscapes + Pools | Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show
Open Air by Esjay Landscapes + Pools - Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. This elegant show garden provides you with an opportunity to lounge about in a relaxed, yet luxurious setting.
Landscape Design, Landscape Architecture, Emily Collie, Sam Collie, Boutique Garden
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About This Project

Open Air

a free or unenclosed space outdoors.
“getting out in the open air”


Being in nature and fresh, open air is proven to be successful in boosting mood, decreasing stress, and reducing high blood pressure and heart rate.


Unhindered by the small area, our team wanted to capture the beauty and tranquility of an outdoor space at home, and demonstrate that through harnessing water flow and whimsical plantings, harmony and modern aesthetics collide for the ultimate courtyard – a place to relax, wind down and be at one with the world outside.


This elegant show garden provides you with an opportunity to lounge about in a relaxed, yet luxurious setting. Sweeping curves reflected around the design soften the hard surfaces and rigid lines. A crisp, white pergola frames the space with dappled light, creating delicate shadows and flattering the mirrored diameter of the spa.


A brass water feature acts as an alluring water curtain, ensuring privacy and creating a unique backdrop to the garden. The minimal, yet sophisticated brass detail is carried through to the in-situ concrete day bed, extending the fine detail and adding a touch of class to the space.


Lay back and immerse yourself with the tranquil sound of water, overlooking a lavish circular spa and layered planting, which has been carefully selected to evoke a sense of calm and peacefulness. Informally positioned with predominantly soft tones and textures, the plant palette is accented with architectural leaves and branches, to add an extra element of style and structure and complete this contemporary haven.


Laze, unwind and replenish.
Be in the Open Air.






Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show
Boutique Garden Competition 2024

Presented by Landscaping Victoria



Project Overview

Landscape Design: Esjay Landscapes + Pools

Landscape Construction: Esjay Landscapes + Pools

Photography: Tim Turner



Our Partners

Huge thanks to all of our wonderful Event Partners.
We are so grateful for your ongoing support and generous sponsorship of the Esjay Landscapes + Pools Boutique Garden in 2024.

Handyman Steel Supplies

Anston Architectural Products

Better Exteriors

The Pool Tile Company

Dennett Metal Fabrication

Alternative Surfaces

SR Carpentry

Moorabbin Timber


Solid Edge Design

Smart Water



Boutique Gardens Material Sponsors

Gardens at Night

Warners Nurseries

Bio Gro



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Boutique Garden, Landscape Design, Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, Open Air